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Entrance to Bukit Wang


Compartment 24, Bukit Perangin Forest Reserve.
12 km from Jitra or 40 km from Alor Setar.
Accessible by road.

Type Of Forest:

Lowland Dipterocarp Forest

Elevation :  100 m a.s.l

Swimming pool for children

Special Features:

The 1.5 km long Sungai Tosak and its fabulous rocky outcrops are the main attraction to this recreational forest. It is a popular spot for relaxing dips, picnics and other recreational activities.

A wide variety of flora and fauna that encompassed the lowland dipterocarp forest could be found here.

There is a 3 km track that surrounds this recreational forest and also a 15 km track that connects to Puncak Janing Recreational Forest.

'Permatang Seraya' is a natural stand of meranti seraya (Shorea curtisii) with an average diameter of over 120 cm.

There is a rock cliff that offer a range of challenging activities such as rock climbing and absailing.

Other attractive features are a reflexology path and natural stretches of enchanting palms.

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