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Kedah State Forestry Museum


Compartment 22 and 23, Gunung Jerai Forest Reserve.
11 km from Gurun town or 43 km from Alor Setar.

Accessible by road. Type Of Forest: Hill Dipterocarp Forest.

Type Of Forest:

Hill Dipterocarp Forest. 
Upper Hill Dipterocarp Forest

Elevation : 700 - 800m a.s.l.

Special Features:

Unlike other recreational forest, the Sungai Teroi Recreational Forest is unique as it is situated in Gunung Jerai , the highest peak in the state of Kedah. This recreational forest is one of the main eco-tourism destinations and Gunung Jerai has been listed by the Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board as one of the mountain hiking destinations in the country.

A Forestry Museum is located at the entrance of this recreational forest. It exhibits a variety of artifacts and information on forestry.

A wide variety of plants of hill to upper hill dipterocarp forest could be encountered. Some variety of plants such as damar minyak and other conifers such as podo bukit, podo cucur atap and podo ekor kuda are found here.

This recreational forest also house a rich variety of plants of traditional and medicinal value such as pokok cina maki, kelat gelam, tongkat ali, kacip fatimah, mata pelanduk and others. Several plants that are rarely found elsewhere like wild orchids and pitcher plants flourish healthily in the midst of this wilderness.

While tracking down the 1 km jungle track, you will find a fascinating waterfall and a camp site suitable for group activities.

Jungle tracks leading to Gunung Jerai Resort and the popular ‘Tangga Kenari Seribu Tahun’ provides ample opportunities for those who enjoy rugged activities.

Its natural landscape and environment with temperatures which ranges from 18o C to 26o C is captivating. From this recreational forest one could also enjoy the panoramic beauty of green paddy fields, the sea , Telor and Bidan island.

Situated in close vicinity to this recreational forest are several places of legendary significance like ‘Perigi Tok Sheikh’, ‘Padang Tok Sheikh’, ‘Sejadah Tok Sheikh’ and ‘Batu Kapal’.

Along the journey from the foot of the hill to this recreational forest, by chance one would be able to see groups of wild monkeys.

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