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Logging Activity

Forest harvesting in Kedah covers the area of Permanent Forest Reserve, State Land and also individual land. For Permanent Forest Reserve only areas that have been classified as "Productive Forest Under Sustainable Income" regarding to section 10 (1) National Forestry Act 1984 (Amendment 1993) can be harvested while the other areas are protected forest areas that cannot be harvested and they have been classified as follows:-

  • Soil Protection Forest

  • Soil Reclaimation Forest

  • Flood Control Forest

  • Water Catchment Forest

  • Forest sanctuary for wildlife

  • Virgin Jungle Forest Reserve

  • Amenity Forest

  • Education Forest

  • Research Forest

  • Forest for Federal Purposes

Logged Timbers

Transporting The Timbers

Forest harvesting especially in the Permanent Forest Reserve need to follow certain guidelines, namely:-

Revenue Collected in 1997

Revenue Collected in 1998

Timber Produced From January to December 1998


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