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The Southern Kedah Forestry Office was established in 1952. It is situated in Kulim. This Office administers the forest in the civil district of Kulim, Bandar Baharu, Baling, and a part Sik.

Southern Kedah Forestry Office administered an area of 270,495 hecters, and about 40% of it are Permanent Forest Reserve, that is 108,695 hectares. The breakdown of the area according to civil district is as follows:-             

a) Bandar Baharu

b) Kulim    

c) Baling

d) A part of Sik





1,449 hectares

26,706 hectares

66,539 hectares

14,001 hectares

The management of this office is lead by a District Forest Officer, and it is divided into three ranges, namely Kulim Range, Tawar Range and Weng Range.

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