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Mangrove Forest

The Central Kedah Forestry Office was established in 1946. It is situated in Sungai Petani. This Office administers the forest in the civil districts of Kuala Muda, Yan, a part of Pendang and a part of Sik.

Central Kedah Forestry Office administered an area of 343,615 hecters, and about 38.8% of it is Permenant Forest Reserve, that is 133,615 hectres. The breakdown of the area of the forest reserve is as follows:-


Forest Reserve District (Hectares)


Kuala Muda Yan Sik Pendang
Gunung Jerai 5,792 2,884     8,676
Terenas     7,685   7,685
Chebar Besar     1,184   1,184
Rimba Teloi     22,929   22,929
Ulu Muda     57,066   57,066
Bukit Enggang     7,845   7,845
Bukit Perak       12,343 12,343
Sungkup 2,318       2,318
Bukit Siong     8,191   8,191
Merbok * 5,378       5,378
JUMLAH 13,488 2,884 104,900 12,343 133,615
* Mangrove Forest

The management of this office is lead by a District Forest Officer, and assisted by an assistant District Forest Officer. They are responsible directly to the State Forestry Director in implementing the duties of administrating, conservation and the forest development.

This district divided into three ranges, namely Jeniang Range, Gulau Range and Sungai Petani Range. Every range is lead by a Forest Ranger.

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