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Young Teak Plant

Teak Planting program in Kedah is one of our efforts to maximize the productivity of our forest areas. It is also our objective to manage and develop our sustainable forest and to optimum the benefit to the socio-economy development of state. In order to guarantee the continuos contribution, it is important that forests as renewable natural resource should be properly manage and develop.

• To guarantee sustainable supply of timber for local consumption in Peninsular Malaysia.

• To produce high quality timbers at reasonable price.

• To create new job opportunities to recover the lost of jobs in the forestry sector because of lack of timbers produce form the natural forests.

Teak Plantation

• To replace the poor forest areas with forest plantation of quality timber.

• To minimize import of high quality timbers and save foreign exchange.

Teak plantation project was given special attention from 4th Malaysian Plan (1980 – 1985). Since then about 2,000 hectares of forest plantation had been developed in this state.

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