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Compartment 72, Rimba Teloi Forest Reserve.

16 km from Sik or 95 km from Alor Setar.

To get to this site one has to walk for about 5 km along a jungle track starting from Lata Mengkuang Recreation forest.   

Type Of Forest:

Hill Dipterocarp Forest.

Elevation : 400 - 500  m a.s.l.

Special Features:

The waterfall here has a height of about 30 m with its unique rock formation is a good site for picnics and swimming

According to the local myth theis site was named after a large boulder that looks like a cow at the bottom of the fall.

There are rock walls suitable for rock climbing enthusiast.

The favourite activities here are camping, wildlife and birdwatching or just relax and enjoy being close to nature.

This site is very suitable for educational and research forest.

A wide variety of flora and fauna of hill dipterocarp forest such as meranti langgong meranti tembaga and meranti melantai

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