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Compartment 18, Rimba Teloi Forest Reserve.

30 km from Baling.

Accessible by road.

Also known as Lata Asam Jawa

Type of Forest:

Lowland Dipterocarp Forest.

Elevation : 100 - 150 m a.s.l.


Special Features:

This site boast of a marvelous 20 m waterfall that forms a pool at the bottom of it known as Lubuk Lesung.

The surrounding are is hilly and there is a 5 km jungle track that leads to Tok Bidan Hill (842 m a.s.l.)

This site is ideal for picnics, swimming, jogging and other more adventurous activities.

A wide variety of flora and fauna of lowland dipterocarp forest such as meranti seraya meranti tembaga, meranti melantai and non-dipterocarp species such as kulim, terap keledang and bintangor are found here.

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