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In line with the requirement of National Forestry Policy, every states are required to implement development and conservation efforts through effective and precise silvicultural practice. A number of programmes have been planned and implemented every years, these include:-

Forest Resource Management

Activities that have been implemented under this programme include maintaining Permanent Reserved Forest outer border, pre-felling inventory, and tree marking for logging purposes.

Forest Resource Development

This programme involved conservation and preservation of the logged-over areas, poor stocked forest areas and abandoned uncovered areas as well as enriching the forest stock, such as rattan and bamboo. Among the activities are post-felling forest inventory, the cutting of liana (GCL), enrichment planting, mangrove forest, plantation forest and uncovered areas plantation.

Society Forestry

This programme is one of our attempts in encouraging public involvement in the efforts of preserving forest areas as well as providing suitable areas in the forest area for recreational and educational purposes. The implemented activities include rural forestry, urban forestry, and recreation forest. In the state of Kedah, there are 13 Recreation Forest areas that developed byForestry Department. These include the popular Bukit Hijau, Bukit Wang, Lata Bayu, Puncak Janing, Pasir Tengkorak (Langkawi) and Sungai Teroi (Gunung Jerai).

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