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Apart from the National Forestry Policy, the implementation of forestry activities in this state is  also based on the law related to forestry such as National Forestry Act 1984, Wood Based Industries Enactment 1985, Forest Rules 1989 and Wood Based Industries Rules 1989.

National Forestry Act 1984

Statutes related to Forestry

This Act has been adopted and enforced in the state of Kedah beginning 1st of January 1986. However, this Act has been ammended in 1993 in order to increase the Act enforcement effectiveness in favour of restraining the illegal logging activities, forest trespassing and other forest offences that endangered our natural resources. Rules Forest also adopted in Kedah on the 1st of July 1989.

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Wood Based Industries Act 1985

Wood Based Industries Act 1985, has been adopted in the state of Kedah on the 1st of January 1986. This Act has been ammended in 1992 to take into account the issues and problems arises from the organisation, licensing and the operation of wood based industries. This ammendments also in line with the ammendments on National Forestry Act (Ammendment) 1993 which increase the penalty rate and punishments as well as to allow the offences to be compounded. Wood Based Industries Rules on the other hand is adopted in the 1st of July 1989.

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