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Explain the procedures to log in individual owned land

Procedures are as follows:

a) The aplication must be made through any District Forest Offices using the aplication form  (PTM 1). These forms can be obtained from any District Forest Offices or any Forest Rangers' Offices.
b) Aplication to log in individual owned land will be processed. Aplication to log on land that has been given temporary  owership (TOL)  will not be processed.

Each aplication form must be supported by:

i - A copy of Title Deed of the land certified by The District Land Administrator concern, and

ii - A key plan showing the location of the said land.

d) If applicant is not the owner of the land, the land owner must give his permission by signing the form PTM2.
e) Details of Form   PTM 2 must be certified by The Land Administrator concern.
f) The boundry of the owned land must be cleared for the purpose of inspection.
g) If the owned land has no boundry marking stone, the applicant must get the certification from the   Boundry Officer.
h) The applicant must make an appointment with the Forest Ranger concern to fix the inspection date within 14 days from date of the letter isued by Forest District Officer.
i) Any incomplete application form will not be processed..

The Fees charged are as follows:-

i - License   RM50.00

ii - Plan  RM 20.00

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