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Compartment 15, Gunung Inas Forest Reserve.

33 km from Kulim.

Accessible by road through traditional Malay villages and fruit orchards.

Type of Forest:

Lowland Dipterocarp Forest.

Elevation : 150 – 200 m a.s.l.  

Special Features:

Sungai Sedim has a 15 km stretch that has a fast flowing waters and rapids which are excellent for white water sports activities.

Kayaking, camping and just relax to absorb the beauty of its flora and fauna is recommended but visitors are cautioned against swimming because of the strong water current.

There are a few jungle tracks suitable for jungle tracking that leads to nearby peaks such as Gunung Inas (1,454 m a.s.l.), Gunung Bintang Utara (1,835 m a.s.l.), Gunung Bintang (1,862 m a.s.l.) and Banjaran Bintang (1,699 m a.s.l.)

A wide variety of flora and fauna of lowland dipterocarp forest such as meranti seraya meranti tembaga, meranti melantai and non-dipterocarp species such as kulim, terap keledang and bintangor are found here.

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