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Compartment 10 and 11, Gunung Jerai Forest Reserve.

14 km from Bedong or 54 km from Alor Setar.

Accessible by road.

Type Of Forest:

Lowland Dipterocarp Forest.

Elevation : 100 – 200m a.s.l.   

Special Features:

A 2 km stretch of Tupah river that flows from the peak of Gunung Jerai forms a part of this recreational forest. It is an excellent spot for swimming, picnics and family recreation.

There is a wide variety of flora and fauna of lowland dipterocarp forest.

Small round gravel stones could be found in abundance on the riverbed (kelikir).

Along the journey to the recreational forest, visitors can enjoy the beauty of fruit orchards and vegetable farms.

There is also a 10 km track that leads to the Archeology Museum of Lembah Bujang.

Located nearby this recreational forest is a Virgin Jungle Reserve.

There is a rock cliff suitable for rock climbing and challenging activities. Those who are brave and adventurous could test their skill and endurance by hiking to the peak of Gunung Jerai.

The main plant species found here are dipterocarps like meranti tembaga, meranti sarang punai and keruing. Other species present are simpoh, sepetir etc.

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